Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Donald Trump Uses Social Media, You Should Too

Need more proof social media is an effective business tool? Mark Hunter wrote an interesting article, "Donald Trump's Use of Social Media Helps Him Negotiate" which shows how Trump uses social media not just to make connections, but to promote his businesses and his brand.

Trump is nothing if not a shameless self-promoter. Thanks to his self-promotional efforts, however, he reaps huge rewards.

Imitation is not only the sincerest form of flattery. It is also a great way to avoid mistakes others have made and get busy being successful. But don't take my word for it.Just ask Donald Trump.

Negotiations are won or lost in two critical areas. The first is the period of time leading up to the start of the negotiations, when both parties are preparing to negotiate. The second is at the end, when the two parties are working out the details of the negotiation.

With regard to social media, I am not an advocate of conducting business negotiations in public. The reason I feel this way is because it is important throughout the negotiation process to maintain respect and integrity for everyone involved. This can be very hard to ensure if stuff is being thrown around for others to read and see. This is the reason I say the best use of social media in negotiations is before the negotiations even begin.

Using social media before negotiations begin allows you to establish the context of who you are and what your expected outcome might be. Best example of this is......Donald Trump. He uses social media tools and the media in general to let everyone know who and what he is.

Trump's goal is to make his brand known, and his brand really is himself. He wants his brand to appear favorable. He does this by coming across as a shrewd businessperson, and he uses social media to further this persona. On the one hand, this gives him an upper hand in any negotiations. On the other hand it also alerts everyone who might be planning to do business with him that he most likely is going to be very tough.

Click here to read the rest of Hunter's article.

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