Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Facebook Timeline: Just What Users Want or Too Much?

Facebook has added a new feature that could make it or break it for them in the race against Google+. Timeline will make it even easier for users to stalk one another on Facebook.

Timeline keeps everything documented that a user has done since signing up with Facebook. Want to know everything that another user did on Facebook on April 6, 2008? Timeline makes that easy.

A handful of users have been granted access to Timeline already. Facebook will be making it available to all users in coming weeks. Reviews so far have been mixed as to whether or not Timeline is worth it.

Timeline looks really great, but will users see the lack of privacy as a downfall? A move like Timeline could make it for Facebook, but with mixed reviews already, Facebook could be making it easier for users to start using Google+ more.

Facebook has risked alienating users with Timeline, the company's new user interface that surfaces users' histories online at a time when some of their most important legacy information is buried behind tons of older information posts.

As the UI name suggests, Timeline begins by showing photos of users, from oldest to newest. Newest information is presented in a Ticker on profile page, which will provide "stories" about games that users have played, movies they've watched from Netflix, and music they've listened to from Spotify.

Users who see this application activity in their friends' Tickers can click to enjoy the same application services. The News Feed will remain a valuable source for relevant information about a users' friends.
Click here to read more about Timeline and its potential effect on users.

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