Monday, September 26, 2011

Jason Falls Cuts Through The Social Media BullSh@!

Erik Deckers and Jason Falls know a few things about social media and marketing. In fact, the co-authors of No Bulls**t Social Media: The All-Business, No-Hype Guide To Social Media Marketing have decades of experience between them as professional bloggers and marketers, so it's no wonder they wrote the book on the subject.

Both Falls and Deckers are big fans of taking the mystery out of social media and focusing on tactics which are both above board and effective.

Unfortunately there are thousands of so-called social media managers out there who would prefer to keep their clients in the dark about social media so they are free to over charge for under-performing.

Fortunately we have guys like Falls and Deckers to keep their industry honest and help anyone interested in learning more about the effective solutions offered by social media marketing.

How do you know if you’re using social media incorrectly? What are the signs?

If you’re not meeting your goals, or more specifically, if you’re treading water and hearing nothing but crickets chirping from your audience. Whether it’s producing content, pushing coupons or deals or soliciting feedback from an audience, if you’re not getting interaction, downloads, comments, transactions, etc., then you’re not doing it well enough. It may not be wrong … just not compelling. Companies that are making progress in their social activities are seeing comments, interactions, responses and the like. But they are also seeing business metrics moved … downloads, registrations, issues resolved, purchases.

There’s a lot of hype with social media. Do you feel that it lives up to the hype? Why or why not?

It all depends on what your hype is. If you think social media will save your business or suddenly drive tons of people to love you, you’re going to be disappointed. Social media is a tool or channel. If your product or service sucks, it won’t save you. If you think social media is a fun and interesting new way to connect with customers, build relationships and serve your audience, you’ll probably not be disappointed.

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