Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mix Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing For Best Results

Despite social media gaining popularity over email, a combination of the two for marketing is ideal, according to Constant Contact, Inc. The theory makes sense because whoever is marketing would then be reaching out to two different demographics constantly or reaching heavy users of both social media and email twice as hard.

The article cites the average click-through rate to be almost 60 percent more click-throughs when using both social media and email than those who market through email alone. With people converting to using only social media to get people's attention towards business, this isn't the time to forget those who still rely on email.

"Small businesses are always asking us, 'Email marketing or social media marketing? Which is the best use of my time and resources?' In fact, it's not either/or; it's both. Use email to communicate with your current customers and social media to reach new customers," said Rick Jensen, chief sales and marketing officer for Constant Contact. "What's the best way to use both? We've created a playbook to help our customers get started and be successful with email and social -- fast. We already know our email marketing provides superior results, and we're so confident that this combination will deliver even more success that we're guaranteeing results."

Effective immediately, small businesses and nonprofits that sign up with Constant Contact can take advantage of the company's new satisfaction guarantee, which provides a full refund after 30 days if they are not 100 percent satisfied with their results; no questions asked. Getting started with Constant Contact has never been easier or more risk-free. Small organizations can get started using email and social media marketing with the company's signature free 60-day trial, the new 30-day money back guarantee, or a combination of both.

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anti spam software said...

This is true, because the ideal marketing campaign uses all possible channels to send the message across. Be wary of rubbing off as spam in e-mail marketing, though, because that would be bad for the reputation of the brand or company.