Monday, September 12, 2011

Posterous Enters Social Media Fray

Just when you thought it was easy to create a social media presence the playing field bursts wide open.

Posterous is introducing its new social media network called "Posterous Spaces."

Last week made it clear they were preparing to enter the social media landscape, even going as far as tweaking the software for its Kindle devices to play social media games and hiring an army of social media game developers to get content.

Yahoo! has also hinted it would be sticking a toe into the social media network waters, though they have been less clear what that mean.

Google+ is still gaining steam; Facebook and Twitter remain the giants in social media, but now Posterous has waded into the pool. In the past couple years Posterous has made a name for itself as an easy-to-use micro-blogging site. It has developed a network of users who have been furiously creating blogs full of multi-media content. The fact they are expanding their service to include more social media features is simply an expansion of their existing service. No doubt users of the service will be the first to adopt the new social media network.

Much like Posterous has a built-in bevy of users who are keen to the mciro-blogging service already and are devoted to it. this gives them an edge on others entering the social media landscape, but whether or not Posterous Spaces will lure users of other networks away remains to be seen.

"Social networks are now embedded into our daily routine, but it's harder to control who sees what you share online and it's forcing us to share less than we'd like. As a result, mainstream private sharing is still stuck in the inbox(1)," says Sachin Agarwal, founder and CEO of Posterous. "Posterous Spaces brings intuitive and two-way private sharing to the Internet, across all devices, making it as simple as possible for groups of people to share their lives together."

Introducing Posterous Spaces:

Full Control Over Whom You Share With: Posterous Spaces simplifies the sharing process with intuitive and easy to expand privacy settings and posting options. It is clear to everyone involved who is part of each Space, enabling two-way sharing between multiple people to flow naturally. People can manage multiple Spaces from one dashboard with full control over who can see each post. Each post can be shared with a select few or broadcast widely with auto-posting to 26 services including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube and others.

Permanent and Customizable: Rather than posting to a fast-moving stream where you can blink and miss a special moment, Posterous Spaces provides a permanent archive of all posts including photos in high-resolution -- for everyone in your Space to enjoy and re-visit forever. Everyone can make their Space their own by customizing its look and feel and even link it to their own domain for free.

Click here to read the entire press release on Posterous Spaces.

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