Friday, September 23, 2011

Social Media Does Not Replace SEO

It seems everyone's attention is being directed at the marketing potential of social media. While it's true that social media marketing is an excellent tool; it provides an already sizeable and growing audience; and costs almost nothing to participate in, it is not the only online marketing option available that has a low price tag.

You might remember a little thing known as search engine optimization. SEO was once the big dog on the block when it came to leveraging the marketing potential of the internet. For the most part all that is required to make good use of SEO is to insert well-placed keywords into your web content. Keywords relevant to a specific search term are more likely to attract visitors.

Lately more and more people have turned their backs on SEO completely in order to pursue social media marketing campaigns. But this is a huge mistake. SEO is no less important now than it was two years ago. In fact, considering that more and more people are being drawn online by their combined interest in joining the abundance of social media services, overall use of the Internet is increasing, making Search Engine Optimization more important than ever.

Like social media marketing, SEO doesn't need to be expensive. Anyone can do a fairly decent job of optimizing their web site by doing a simple keyword search and inserting terms which are specific to their product or services. Or, hire a social media marketing professional to help you optimize your web site for search.

But whatever you do, don't ignore Search Engine Optimization altogether, or you'll be missing a potentially large slice of the Internet pie.

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