Monday, September 19, 2011

Social Media Marketing Is A Moving Target

If there is one truism about social media marketing it is this: the landscape is always changing.
What you know today about social media marketing will likely become obsolete within six months. This is because the nature of social media is to be constantly changing and evolving to suit the ever-chagning whims of the end user.

This is nothing new. As a species human beings are never satisfied. Because we are all different we all have different needs. We want different things. Social media is constantly changing in an effort to meet this wide variety of needs and wants.

The key to successful social media marketing is not to master the tools of social media, after all Facebook may be big today, but not so long ago MySpace was the social media behemoth to beat. Instead, focus on the essence of social media which is developing relationship marketing techniques that utilize as many tools as you can manage.

7 Social Media Facts You Need Now
Here are seven recent social media research findings and what they mean for your marketing plans.
  1. Want to find me online? Try social media. Social media networks and blogs account for more than one out of every five minutes spent online. The top three areas where Americans spend their time online are social media and blogs (22.5 percent), online games (9.8 percent), and email (7.6 percent) according to Nielsen data. Further, four out of five active Internet users have visited a social media network or blog. What this means for marketers: Social media must be must be integrated into your marketing strategies to reach your audience. You actually need to listen and participate, not just give lip service to social media.
  2. Don't rule me out based on age. Roughly two-thirds of online adults use social media networks describing their experience in positive terms according to Pew Internet and American Life Project. Usage among older segments has increased.

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