Thursday, September 22, 2011

Social Media Superstar Hacked? Maybe-Maybe Not

Mark Davidson is considered by many to be a social media superstar. Following a series of Tweets posted last night this may or may not be true.

Someone claiming to be one of four ghostwriters for Davidson posted several unflattering Tweets to his account, at one point admonishing him, "(You should have changed your password!)"

It is possible that the Tweets were indeed posted by a disgruntled employee. It is also possible that the entire event is a publicity stunt concocted by Davidson as a lesson for his many Followers. If it's the latter, kudos to Davidson for his creativity!

If it's the former, well, he might just learn a lesson himself.

The Internet can be a wild and weird place, especially when one's accounts aren't kept safe. Overnight, Mark Davidson, a self-described "Internet sales & marketing professional," had his Twitter taken over by someone purporting to be "one of three people who have been ghostwriting @markdavidson's tweets for the last 4 years while he is out playing golf." Davidson, who has a presence on every social network known to man, boasts nearly 56,000 Twitter followers. But that's not Davidson's doing, according to the mystery ghostwriter, who claims to have been fired yesterday. Online revenge has a large audience, at least.

"Right now @markdavidson is probably asleep," the vigilante tweeted from Davidson's account in the middle of the night. "He isn't that nice and he is cheap. I regret not quitting." It went on: "He can barely type social media much less know what it is." The scorned employee admitted to being "drunk and angry," not to mention underpaid. "Good luck, bro," the ornery imposter added before signing off for the night. "And change your freakin' password!"

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