Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tout Is Like Twitter For Video

'Survivor' fans have no doubt heard of the latest social media network, Tout, simply because host Jeff Probst has been using it answer fan questions and tease the new season of the show.

In fact, Probst is probably the highest profile user of new short-video service, but not its only celebrity. Shaq, Mitt Romney, ESPNFantasy and even The CW network are already posting their 15 second videos.

Tout works very much like a video version of Twitter. Users create an account, shoot a 15 second video of themselves (there's handy countdown clock so you know when time is up) then post it through the Tout network or through Facebook and Twitter. Tout also lets you upload videos you have posted to YouTube, which is great because right now it's only available for people with Apple devices.

If you're looking for the next big thing in social media, video seems to be the right direction. And Tout is definitely the next big thing in video.

Making social networking more interactive, Tout, can be used in combination with Facebook and Twitter to create short video Status Updates, captured from your smart phone. Tout’s mission is to deliver a more enhanced, face-to face social experience by sharing “life as is happens” in full color, sound and motion! Tout is a marriage between Twitter (which has a 140 character limit) and YouTube (the video sharing component). This networking outlet connects friends, family and people in a new and exciting way through a 15 second video that records, shares and saves life’s moments. This social media tool can be used for marketing and business purposes or as a way to connect with your network when promoting a social cause of campaign. So next time when you want to connect with your network and share your experiences simply…..TOUT IT!

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