Monday, October 24, 2011

Find A Job With Social Media: Here's How

With unemployment hovering close to 10 percent now is not the time to be out of work. Unfortunately, those high numbers mean lots of people are without work and given that the economy is showing few, if any, signs of recovery they have a long, hard slog ahead of them.

For some savvy job hunters social media has delivered a job when repeated queries, applications, resumes and other traditional job seeking skills have not.

The question for many is: how do I leverage my social media network to deliver a decent job that gets me out of this rut? Fortunately someone has written down the basics in a language that is easy to understand for anyone--even a dummy.

These "...For Dummies" books have been around for a decade and it never ceases to amaze me the wide selection of topics they cover. You might think they had long ago covered just about everything there is to be dumb about, but now that social media has come along a whole plethora of confusing topics have become available for the "For Dummies" authors.

If you are in need of a job, and know a thing or two about social media (or even if you don't) consider picking up a copy of "Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies."

Joshua Waldman had an MBA from Boston University and a good job, but in 2006 he was laid off—twice. He started using social media to network, find open jobs, and eventually to get job interviews. It worked. In fact, it worked so well that by the time Waldman was offered a job, he no longer wanted one.

He wanted to write a book about how to use social media to find a job.

“I realized that social media can be used in a smart way,” says Waldman (GSM’06) from his home in Portland, Oreg. “I wanted to help people learn some of the tools and tips.”

Waldman’s book, Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies (Wylie, 2011), stresses the importance of letting the job seeker’s personality shine through to give employers a sense of who he or she really is. He recommends that job seekers take care to market themselves online only the way they want to be seen (no errant Facebook photos or outdated résumés), and that they make web-friendly résumés using video and LinkedIn. The book is part of the popular “For Dummies” series, with its signature bullet points and helpful chapter summaries.

Click here to read more about Waldman's book.


Mikel King said...

This a good start thanks for sharing.

Mikel King

Jerry Battiste said...

Keep me posted on the job search! I hope it works out splendidly for you!!