Friday, October 21, 2011

Mobile Social Media Growing Exponentially

Don't look now, but that person you are chatting with on Facebook might be standing right behind you.

That's right, recent studies have shown the number of people using mobile devices to access their social media networks has grown more than 30% in the past year and that trend is expected to continue.

As smartphones continue to dominate the marketplace you can expect that more and more people will begin maximizing their functionality. And they have a lot of functions.
Today's smartphones are more powerful than desktop PC's which were available at the dawn of the 21st century. They have more than a gig of memory space, fast processors and high-definition screens. They play videos, music, access e-books and of course, access the World Wide Web. This makes them more like a mobile computer than any tool we've had available to us before. It is only logical that we use them that way.

If you are looking to expand your social media marketing you would mistaken to not include mobile as a part of that plan. The first step is optimizing your web site for mobile use, but that's only scratching the surface....

The three-month average of those consumers reading posts from people they know was just over 58m. But mobile social networkers aren't just watchers. A sizable portion -- over 50m a month -- used their mobile devices to produce content as well (eg. post a status update or photo), highlighting the fact that these users are quite engaged.

That engagement is potentially good news for marketers. That's because comScore found that this engagement extended to interactions involving brands and organizations. Nearly 38m mobile users are reading social posts from brands and organizations each month, 24m are retrieving coupons or deals, and nearly 20m are clicking on ads.

The key takeaway for marketers: your social strategy is part of your mobile strategy, and your mobile strategy is part of your social strategy.

Status updates and coupons distributed through Facebook and Twitter may reach users on the web, but they are increasingly going to be reaching users on their mobile devices. To ensure that you're getting the most from these interactions, you need to ensure that your messaging and calls to action work as well in the mobile context as they do in the web context.

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