Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No Excuse For Avoiding Social Media

At this point of you are not using social media for your business you are definitely behind the times. in fact, the term dinosaur might just be applied to you.

In the early days of email many companies refused to use services like Yahoo! and Hotmail because of the proliferation of email marketing, also known as "spam". Then something strange began to happen. Email grew organically and the folks using email marketing started raking in the cash. Suddenly email marketing was no longer "spam" but an integral part of any online business model. Everyone wanted to use email marketing to promote their goods or services because it worked.

It worked.

Fast forward to 2009 and social media is beginning to gain traction with the population, but many businesses avoid it because of the proliferation of virtual farms and games. It was considered by many businesses as a time-waster; something to be avoided at all costs. Then something began to happen. Social media usage grew organically and sites like Facebook grew to an astounding number of users. Hundreds of millions of people were using an assortment of social media sites, creating a huge online audience that businesses want to put themselves in front of.

Today Facebook has almost ONE BILLION users; hundreds of millions more use Twitter, Flickr, Google+, YouTube Quora and a host of other sites. Today, if you are NOT using social media to promote your business you are missing a huge opportunity: an audience of BILLIONS.

Fortunately, because of the proliferation of social media use by business a fairly clear path has been blazed for others to follow. If you are still lost when it comes to social media marketing there is help available. Either a social media marketing professional or an assortment of free tips and tricks online that can get you started.

Tips & Trends

Just like advertisers, small businesses should be concerned about engagement. How many people are talking about you and your brand on Facebook? This may be the real measure of success when using the social media to market your small business. Bloomberg Businessweek
Don’t sweat the comments on your B2B blog. Many small business blogs, though by no means all, are business to business focusing not necessarily on retail or the general public but rather on attracting the attention of other business owners in need of their products or services. Here’s an argument for why comments on this kind of blog don’t matter. Search Engine Journal

Social Media Basics

Here are five things you must never forget. It’s true that social media is still in its infancy and even true that much of what makes good marketing for your business on social media is still a matter of trial and error. Still a few patterns are beginning to emerge about what works and what might not. Bloomberg Businessweek
Blogging is about communicating. Blogging is an important part of any online marketing strategy. While some small business owners are really excited about the prospect of writing and sharing ideas. Others may be scared to death by the prospect. Embracing Blogging.

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