Monday, October 17, 2011

Social Media's Role In Lives Now

Those who aren't using social media are now becoming the outsiders because social media has firmly fit itself into the social norm.

Social media has emerged fully and is in four out of five Internet users daily lives now, Solis states in his post. Many depend social media to connect them to friends, family and even shopping now.

About 53 percent of social media users follow a brand, which connects them to shopping on a near daily basis. People of all ages are using social media for things they would normally search the Internet for themselves, such as shopping and research. Why search for things yourself when a social media website will hand them to you?

Retailers can post offers and deals on social media websites to draw users in. About 60 percent of people use social media to find out more about brands and retailers. Out of those users, 48 percent respond to offers posted on Facebook or Twitter.

With social media giving retailers such easy access to consumers, it is also outside of the social norm for businesses to not being using social media.

Social media is clearly becoming the new normal. For the last several years, simply adding the word "social" in front of anything and everything from media and gaming to commerce and CRM to business and consumerism, it's clear that we are finally approaching the end of the hype curve to start making sense of what it all means and just how far it applies to the future of business and media.

But as social media becomes part of our cultural fabric and even as we witness businesses, governments, sports teams, and almost every organization socialize communication efforts today, much of what we see is merely the beginning of something that will one day become something far more important than the medium itself. Indeed, social media is affecting behavior and nothing is more important than the ability to influence decisions and ultimately behavior. The state of social media is not necessarily as much about which network is #winning as much as it is about how people are spending their time, interacting and connecting with one another, and what happens as a result.

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