Tuesday, November 22, 2011

End Your Facebook Confusion

Don't just complain about the difficulties of using Facebook. Do something about it.

While it is true that Facebook is challenging to use for some people, especially when it comes to navigating your privacy settings. It is also true that there are a plethora of bloggers and social media professionals who make it their business to understand the rules and controls and then share that information with others.

You can be forgiven for not always being able to run your business, have a personal life and constantly update your intimate knowledge of every social media network you use. That's why that social media managers are for.

If you are having a problem with some aspect of social media, whether it is for personal or professional use, my first suggestion is to do a web search. Given the ubiquitous nature of social media it is very likely you are not the first personal to have a problem. Once someone solves a problem they are very likely to share that information, either at their web site, or a blog or through their own social media network.

In the Age of the Internet knowledge is more or less free to anyone who is looking for it. That makes the Internet one of the only tools which can explain how it is best used.

How cool is that?

Facebook’s privacy settings are extremely detailed, giving you the ability to fine-tune the privacy aspects of almost every little part of your Facebook account. Unfortunately, for most users, this level of micromanagement makes Facebook’s privacy settings a convoluted mess.

Even worse, these settings change often; you may think you know everything there is about them, only to be greeted with a completely different layout and a bunch of new options the next time you visit the dreaded Facebook Privacy Settings page.

So, what do you do when you’ve got over 170 options to choose from? You focus on the most important ones. We’ve entered Facebook’s maze of privacy options and came out on the other side bruised, battered, but with 10 essential settings in our hands. Disregard them at your own peril!

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