Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get Serious About Customer Service On Social Media

Social Media is like a double-edged sword--used incorrectly it can cut you.

Social media is a fantastic communication tool. Using a few free tools you now have the ability to reach ONE BILLION people with a click of the mouse. This is great! However, it also means that those ONE BILLION people can reach you with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Are you ready for that? Are you ready respond within a moment's notice?

Leaving your social media network unmonitored, unwatched; being unwilling or unable to respond immediately to a question, comment or complaint from someone in your social media network is the absolute worst thing you can do. As fast as they can post a comment on your social media network they can post a comment on their friend's page talking about how you ignored them. That's the type of stuff that goes viral--rudeness, ignoring customers, unresolved complaints and poor service. Nothing gets customers more riled than being ignored.

If you own your own business you likely already know that. I'll bet every customer or client that walks through your door or calls on the phone gets the royal treatment. You better plan on doing the same thing with your social media network.

Dealing with customers on social sites reveals "a fundamental shift in customer service," March says. Complaints used to be viewed as a nuisance, but ignoring dissatisfaction on Facebook and Twitter can go viral and trigger a steady exodus of customers. "Companies can't afford to ignore people," he says.

When an irate customer notified Sears (SHLD) on its Facebook site in 2011 that despite having a warranty, her refrigerator repair had been taking too long, a Sears representative replied that it was doing everything it could to end her frustration. The customer responded that she had called, sent e-mails, wrote on Facebook, and she still waited a week to receive the part and then had to arrange an appointment. "The last thing you want to do is foster negative feedback against your poor service," March says.

Conversely, companies like Safeway that excel at online customer service can reap significant business benefits; that is, of course, if they stay on top of their social game.

Click here to read more about proper customer service through social media.


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