Monday, November 28, 2011

Social Media Holiday Safety

We've all heard the stories of the people who posted on their Facebook page they were going on vacation, then returned home to find their house had been burglarized.
True stories, all, and a valuable lesson for everyone to consider this holiday season.

Not that your Friends list might be hiding a burglar, but that what you post on your social media network matters. A lot.

For instance, if you own a jewelry store, you'd likely want to post photos of new jewelry pieces. That's a great idea! It's also a great idea to make certain your security system is up to snuff. The same way you would if you ran a newspaper ad about that same jewelry.

Obviously, announcing to the world via social media that you are going to be away from your house on vacation is not a good idea, but that doesn't make social media a bad thing. Social media is a tool, and it's all in how you use it. Responsible social media marketers understand the far reaching aspect of social media is what makes it beneficial and what males some people afraid to use it.

However, much like the way you control the words that come out of your mouth in public, you need to exert control over what you post via social media. Social media is the greatest, most comprehensive communication tool ever created by humankind. This makes it a simple thing to broadcast a message to the entire world with just a few mouse clicks. It also makes it possible to send the WRONG message to the world at large. Something which can easily be avoided by using common sense and well thought-out social media marketing plan.

People who post on social media sites are warned to be especially careful during the holiday season about revealing when they are not at home.

Here are some tips from Allstate about social media precautions you should take:

-- Turn off automatic locating functions. Most social media sites with geo-location and tracking functionalities have options to turn them off.

-- Review your privacy settings. Make sure you understand who you are broadcasting your information to each time you post. If you are not comfortable with what people can see about you, change your settings.

-- Delay uploading pictures until returning home. Thieves may be able to view details about smart phone pictures, such as where the picture was taken and at what time. Posting pictures in real time lets others know you're not at home.

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