Monday, November 7, 2011

Who Manages Your Company Social Media?

If you are in business today the chances are that you are using at least some form of social media to help promote your brand. this might be anything from a daily blog post to an hourly Tweet; a Facebook Fan page or a Flickr account.

It's great that you are using social media to promote your brand, but you need to ask yourself, who is managing your social media and do they understand your corporate message?

In many cases the best people to manage your social media network at your employees. However, social media management is very time consuming, meaning an employee who is responsible for managing and monitoring your social media is likely not able to handle any other tasks. This makes hiring a professional social media management company a good idea.

However, you still need to make certain they have a clear road map to follow with a very specific call-to-action. A social media manager, whether they are someone within your organization or an outside firm needs a clear plan to follow. They also need to know what rules you need them to follow. If there are terms you want them to use, or things you do not want them to say, they need that information in writing.

In this way you can be confident that your social media is working for your best interests and not against them.

How to represent your brand on social media

One of the most commonly debated questions when brands enter social media is ‘how should we represent ourselves?’ With so many options to choose from it’s important to remember what your brand stands for and how you want to be perceived on the social web, because there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to setting up your profiles.

Do you want to ‘humanise’ the brand by getting employees to tweet from personal accounts, giving insight into their lives? Or does your brand need to retain its mystery and glamour by not presenting itself as overly ‘humanised’? Here are some guidelines, which are by no means factual but simply my perception of what different account structures suggest about a brand

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