Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Google+ Use Continues Climbing

Google CEO Larry Page last reported their new social media service Google+ had about 40 million users, but a new report by Google-watcher Paul Allen says the service now has somewhere in the neighborhood of 62 million users.

When Allen and his team extrapolate their numbers they estimate Google+ will have reached 100 million users by February and 200 million users by August.

My question is, so what? I have a Google+ account. It's ok. I can post stuff, share stuff, add people to Circles; it's essentially a clone of my Facebook account only without the reach. It is nice that Google is uniting all their services under the umbrella of Google+, but I simply do not need another social media network.

The other thing I notice on Google+ is the proliferation of marketers who seem hell-bent on dominating the network. And photographers. I think there are more photographers and marketers using Google+ than any other subset of users (just my opinion.)

In the final analysis, Google+ is not going anywhere. It's definitely not a runaway hit, but it can hardly be classified as a loser either. It's a unifying force for all the various Google tools, and because of that, as long as Google exists, it will continue to grow. Fast or slow, no matter. Eventually, everyone who uses a Google tool will one day be a part of the Google+ system, making the number of users a meaningless statistic.

What will matter to marketers is how effective of a tool it will be in communicating a message, and so far, it is sorely lacking in that department.

What about you? How do you feel about the effectiveness of Google+?

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