Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Next Frontier: Crawling The Social Web

We are all familiar with the World Wide Web. In fact, we are all familiar with the 'Social Web' although we might not realize it.

The 'Social Web' is the network of social media sites, completely independent from the greater World Wide Web, that many of us spend a good portion of day visiting. We update our status, post links to other web sites, news stories and blogs; photos videos and music playlists. All that is missing from this new 'Social Web' experience is a good search function.

Sites like Yahoo!, Bing and Google has slowly been increasing the relevance of there search results to social media, incorporating more social media returns with every query, but the results of those searches when compared with the abundance of information that is posted on an hourly basis is sorely lacking.

Flipboard, the super popular iPad app which turns your social media network into a magazine format, aims to change all that by crawling social media sites for information relevant to you.

Seems to me this is a direct attack on the BIG THREE search engines and bodes well for the future of search on the 'Social Web.' Now, if only Flipboard was available on more hardware, the rest of us could be enjoying these new functions.

In that time, the company has been slowly and deliberately focusing on the newly designed iPhone app. The iPhone version of Flipboard is smaller and leaner -- not a shrunken version of the iPad app but a phone-sized social media digest, meant to be literally thumbed through while on the go. Its "Cover Stories" feature distills a custom selection of elegantly laid out social and real-world news that readers can get in screen-sized bites.

We sat down with McCue to try out the newly released app (see above video), and to hear about the company's ambitious plans to move beyond its roots as a magazine app for the iPad and iPhone. Building on Flipboard's deep links to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, McCue wants to harness the huge amount of data being generated by users of these major services to build a kind of social media nerve center -- a digital brain that listens to all your social networks and picks the most important and interesting stories, presenting them to you in a simple and organized way.

Question: That sounds ambitious. Can you say what it is you'd be trying to do?

Answer: Well, the Web as we've known it for a long time has been pages linking and pointing to other pages. But there's a new Web that's being created -- some people are calling it the social Web.

People are posting a huge amount of data, and there are more social networks being created all the time -- Path, Google+, 500 Pixels and many others.

Click here to read more about Flipboard.


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