Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Social Media Marketing Success Is No Accident

I enjoy using social media to keep in touch with friends and family who are separated from by distance. I like seeing pictures of their photos of their children; hearing about their life and what they have been doing lately; and I am always participating in their conversations.

This is NOT social media marketing, however.

Firstly, I have no need to market myself to people who already love me. In fact, they might become offended if I suddenly started acting as if I needed their approval to access their lives.

Second, just because I'm active on social media doesn't mean I am marketing. Social media marketing is all about trying to convince and convert friends into customers. Depending on your call-to-action that conversion might entail closing a sale, signing up for a service or joining a newsletter. Your social media participation is geared toward directing people to that call-to-action. Your social media interaction, in this case, is social media marketing.

So while it is important you recognize that social media marketing requires participation in the conversation; daily updating and posting of new and fresh information and insights, that is not the same as simply being a member of the growing social media users network. There is a big difference between being popular on social media and using it as an effective marketing tool.

Make certain you know which you are doing before you spend time doing it.

Myth #1: Social media outreach is all about joining the conversation.

It’s not. It’s time to draw the line between social media and social media marketing. When you check Facebook to communicate with your friends and family, or vent about your blind date frustrations on Twitter, or post links to articles you enjoy on Google+, you’re using social media. However, when you channel energy and resources through those same mediums for business purposes, we’re talking about social media marketing, and your goal should be either to raise the visibility of your company, generate leads, or make sales.

Does being a part of the conversation enable this? In part, yes. Social media platforms enable business-to-consumer interactivity, which can have a great impact on brand loyalty, a variable that shouldn’t be understated. But if you get lost in the “fun” of social media and fail to link your actions back to a measurable goal, you’re going to lose opportunities to increase your revenue.

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Kelly Kete said...

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It's incredibly difficult to predict the future of social media, internet marketing but one thing is certain that they will remain linked for the foreseeable future.

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With the help of Social Media, people around the globe can interact long distantly and virtually. Social Media, also allow people to express their thoughts and ideas through writing blogs and notes. It also allow people to share files such as photos and videos by uploading them. Basically Social Media, as the word "social" connotes, is about interaction.

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Social Media Singapore said...

It is true to say that social medai marketing success is not accidaental. Read to know more

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