Tuesday, December 27, 2011

UK Fully Embraces Social Media Marketing

A recent poll of small and medium-sized businesses in the UK shows that nearly all of them (a whopping 90%) plan to continue spending or increase spending on social media marketing in 2012.

This is the surest sign ever of not only the continued interest in social media marketing but its effectiveness. Companies might spend once to try something out but they certainly won't continue spending on it if they don't see the results they are looking for.

It's like the idiom, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

This poll shows that UK businesses are expecting to see even greater things from the world's. They report seeing increased revenue as a result of social media marketing and an improvement in their online reputation.

Despite these numbers there is still no guarantee that your investment in social media marketing will be as effective or successful. In fact, given the deluge of social media options you stand a pretty good chance of making the wrong choices when it comes to social media marketing, totally missing your targeted demographic and seeing little or no revenue as a result of your efforts. It is also quite possible that your social media marketing efforts could backfire and hurt your reputation more than it helps.

Like everything in life, the more precise and exact your efforts the more likely you are to get the results you want. In 2012 the UK might look like a great place for social media marketers to set up shop, but it doesn't mean every one of them will do their job correctly.

Marketing has been around for as long as we have had goods to trade. Not all of those efforts have been successful, however, and this is obvious to anyone who follows business trends. The history of marketing is filled with failed campaigns. Magazine ads which turned off more readers than it was expected too; television commercials that caused viewers to change the channel and avoid the advertiser and on and on.

Social media marketing is a tool. As a tool it is only as effective as the person who wields it. UK businesses might have seen unprecedented success with social media marketing but that has as much to do with the social media marketing professionals they hired as it does with the effectiveness of the tools they used.

If you are looking for a similar degree of social media marketing success don't just look at the tools, but the people who you want to use them on your behalf.

Medium to large-sized business in the U.K. are ready to spend at least as much money next year as they did this year on their social media strategy, according to a report from the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Nearly nine out of 10 corporations spoken to said that they would maintain the budget or spend more on social media in 2012 in the survey of more than 200 finance directors, COOs, CFOs, CEOs and treasurers polled in between Oct. 11-26.

The results came out this week and showed that companies in the U.K. that have revenue above $40 million considered social media a cost-effective communication tool and 39% even stated that it helped improve the company reputation.

Click here to read more of the survey from Royal Bank of Scotland.


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