Monday, December 19, 2011

Use Twitter, But Keep It Simple

Twitter was imagined as a way for people to communicate in the simplest possible way. Hence the 140-character limit of each Tweet.

So why do so many people offer lengthy rules, lists and guidelines for using what is perhaps the world's simplest communication method?

Using Twitter is not rocket science. In fact, if you try to turn it into rocket science you are clearly missing the point. Like all those people who thought (and some still think) it a good idea to automate their Twitter stream or link it to their Facebook Page. They end up driving away more Followers/Fans than if they simply Tweeted their thoughts every now and again.

Twitter is like a soapbox or a megaphone. It allows you to send out your message into the ether for people who want to hear it. If you stand there shouting at the top of your lungs about how great you are, however, you are likely to turn a lot of people off. They will simply UnFollow you--tune you out.

You can add a Twitter Background to promote your other online properties, that's fine. But don't overload your background with an abundance of complicated images, fancy video or anything which will bombard every visitor with media. Not everyone using the Internet today has a high-speed connection, remember.

Don't get me wrong, there certainly are a number of Twitter tools you can use to make the process a little less time consuming, but beware -- too much of a good thing can be bad.

The reorganized and refashioned is a markedly different beast than it was just 48 hours ago. Now millions of users who call Twitter’s web destination home are looking for help. Perhaps just 25 soupcons of it. If so, look no further than this list of 25 new Twitter tips.

Click here to read the '25 Twitter Tips'.

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