Friday, January 13, 2012

MySpace Is Still Very Relevant

The news today that MySpace has more unique visitors every month than either Tumblr or Google+ has many social media marketers scratching their heads. Including me.

How did we miss this? We were all fairly convinced that MySpace was all but dead and buried. I challenge you to find a social media marketing plan with a slot for activity on MySpace.

The fact is, MySpace is not only still alive, it's actually growing. It helps that they have secured a niche as a market for musicians; attracting just about every band, singer and indy record label. It also helps that Justin Timberlake has been pushing to re-invent the site, improving on its current success in this niche market and developing new tools to help their core users.

But what about social media marketers? What role can MySpace have in existing or future marketing efforts? That's a question yet to be answered, for although MySpace is showing some life (ok, a lot of life) because it is a niche social media network it doesn't make much sense to use it as a marketing tool unless you are a part of that niche market.

Sure, you could make the argument that any audience is better than no audience at all, and that it's the demographics of their existing market which matters most, but how do you break into what appears to be a fairly specific market without seeming to be overtly jumping on the bandwagon?

No doubt a great many social media marketing experts are trying to figure that out right this very moment. I know I am.

If you're currently using MySpace for social media marketing, tell us about it in the comments.

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