Thursday, January 19, 2012

'Tawlkin' About Social Media

It seemed only a matter of time until someone built a social media tool which allowed audio-only interaction. Here it is: Tawlkin.

Tawlkin is a service which allows you to create a conference call with as many or as few of your social media Friends, fans and Followers as you like. You can create these calls around specific subjects or themes, or just use them as an opportunity for a large get-together. You can as many as 70,000 people on a Tawlkin conference call. The company says that no matter how many people are on the call you can track every one of them; know who is on the call.

Tawlkin is all about adding another layer to your social media experience. My question is, does the average user really need this? Probably not.

Tawlkin seems like an interesting tool for business professionals, if you disregard the abundance of existing video conferencing tools available, many of which allow you create impromptu group meets, business presentations or sales pitches, with or without video.

I can't get my head around Tawlkin. I've been on many conference calls, and with any more than a few participants, it's difficult to know whose turn it is to talk; people often talk over one another, apologize and try to start again, only to find themselves taking over someone else. I couldn't imagine a conference call with 100 people on it, much less 70,000 people.

As social media begins to mature no doubt we will see more and more applications designed to make inter-communication simpler and more interesting. Not all of these new applications will find success, and I predict Tawlkin will fall into the latter category.

But, I have been wrong before.

Click here to read the press release from Tawlkin.

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J. R. Nova said...

There are already too many layers, they're starting to taste all the same :D