Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why Hootsuite Is A Must-Have For Social Media Managers

Hootsuite this week announced they have more than 3 million active users.

This is hardly a surprise, especially when you consider they the most useful social media management tool available. Tweetdeck was a close second, but for some reason, not long after they were purchased by Twitter, their service took a nose dive.

When Tweetdeck was in its prime you could easily shrink links and schedule posts for weeks, even months in advance. It let you update Facebook pages, profiles, Twitter feeds and LinkedIn accounts quickly and easily. Now, whenever I try to schedule posts in advance the service stops me after just 10 and says "you have too many updates scheduled."

I emailed them and received no response. I searched for an answer as to why this was happening, but found nothing except repeated posts that Tweetdeck does not limit your scheduled posts--although clearly they do.

In frustration, I switched to Hootsuite. Problem solved and as a bonus I got a bunch of nifty analytics tools that show me how often my links are clicked, by whom and from where; no interruption in my scheduling and full access to my entire social media network.

Clearly, I am not alone in my love of Hootsuite. Hence the 3 million other active users they have been boasting about (although I'm still their favorite!0

The fact is, Hootsuite has succeeded where others continue to stumble and fail because they have listened to what users want and delivered. They haven't tried force users to adopt strange new terms, new tools or new ways of doing things; they have provided a seamless integration of social media into an easy-to-use dashboard format and they have provided tools which are useful to the people who are most likely to use their tools.

This isn't rocket science folks. If you're in business to serve customers, the secret to your success will be in delivering what they want.

If you need proof, check out Hootsuite.


Andy from HootSuite said...

Hi Jerry + Nicola,
Thanks for sharing this post! With 3 million+ users it's hard to pick a favorite but your kind words have bumped you up a few spots ;)

Jerry Battiste said...

We're not playing favorites--we're just being honest. Your service is the best in our experience, without a doubt!

Deborah Latham-White (msladydeborah) said...

I'm using Hoot Suite while I'm learning. It is definitely a great tool.