Wednesday, February 22, 2012 Takes Social Media Offline

Tired of doing all your socializing in the virtual world? Then you might want to try

MyShindigs is all about connecting people with things to do. It is a social network devised around the idea that people want to interact in the real world every bit as much as they want to interact in the real world, but real world interaction is harder.

MyShindigs just launched their North American version but the company has already had success with versions designed specifically for Asia, Europe and South America. If you visit the web site you will be asked to enter a username and email address, then a log-in and password will be sent to you.

A quick visit to the site showed me that it's still early in the game to be searching for parties to attend in your area. There are a few groups, like the "people who believe in aliens" group and the "this is the fun group" but otherwise, not much for me to do locally.

However, the site does make it easy enough for me to start a group, plan and promote an event or organize a party. Assuming I can connect with enough people and direct them to the MyShindigs site, I could easily have a successful event.

No matter that interest is slow to go. The idea is sound and it's due. People are eager to connect, social media has shown this to be the case, but they don't always know how to do that. That's why we have the term "wallflower" which covers just about everyone I went to school with.

It will no doubt take some time before we see whether MyShindigs can rally support, encourage event planners to get on board and private individuals to start using their service to promote parties, concerts, poetry readings-whatever.

In the meantime, if you have an upcoming event to promote why not give MyShindigs a try? It certainly can't hurt and you never know, it just might add to your event success!

(p.s.--no, I am not an investor in MyShindigs nor do I get any benefit from it at all.)

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