Monday, February 27, 2012

Social Media And What You Eat

Interesting new study out today by The Hartman Group seems to show that social media not only influences what we wear, what we watch and what we listen to, but also what we put in our mouths.

Sites like Foodspotting and Foursquare put an emphasis on sharing where we go so our friends know about the best places to eat, drink and do stuff. All this influence is having its desired effect. People are increasingly turning to social media when they're hungry and don't know what to eat.

On sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, they share recipes, favorite places to eat and delicious dishes. This sharing transcends cuisines much as it transcends borders. It introduces users to new cooking methods, new ingredients and new spices, all of which appeals to anyone who is responsible for making the family meal all 365 days of the year (or so.)

Why settle for meatloaf when with a few clicks of your mouse you can get a recipe for something that uses the same ingredients in profoundly different ways? Why stay home when you can eat out at the great little place your Facebook friends have been talking about all week? Your friends have been posting pictures of that triple-decker chocolate cake, now it's your turn.

The infiltration of social media into every facet of human existence is on-going and a seemingly irresistible force of modern life. The best social media managers see the trends and take advantage of them to provide the highest level of interaction and response for their clients. Everyone else just watches what happens and jumps on board at the last minute.

What sort of social media manager are you?

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