Friday, February 24, 2012

Social Media Marketing For Women

When it comes to the battle of the sexes on the Social Web, women are not only beating men, they are doing it more effectively, and with more caution.

A new Pew research poll indicates that when it comes to masterly and control of privacy settings, women far outdistance the men. They are more likely to block "non-friends", restrict access to their existing feed and drop people who they do not recognize as being part of their inner circle.

Women are also more likely to self-censor what they post on their social networks while men are more likely to have feelings of regret about something they posted.

This hardly comes as a surprise to me given that women are also more likely to use social media in the first place. The more you use something the more likely you are to understand it and understand how to use it correctly. Whereas if you only occasionally use a tool you're more likely to wield it like a novice.

This is nothing new. It's very obvious in our day-to-day society and the sex more likely to use a specific tool excels at its use. This might be why we don't see as women working with chainsaws as we do men.

There is also something to be said for the more cautious nature of women as well. In my experience women have a better grasp of the further implications of what they are doing right now than most of the men I have met. For many men, it is instant gratification they seek while for many women they want to nurture and cultivate and grow and learn. Now, these are just generalities; every person is different, but there is something to be said for trends based on specifics.

If the Pew research poll is to be believed when it comes to meaningful interaction via the Social Web, marketers should be aiming squarely at the female demographic if for no other reason than because their existing networks are considered to be more trusted sources of information.

If fact, traditional marketers have been doing this, targeting women specifically, for years. As much as we all like to think social media marketing is something "new and different" it's really just doing the same things we have always done with a brand new set of tools.

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