Friday, February 10, 2012

UK Social Media Marketing Continues To Grow

Not so long ago I wrote a post about how businesses in the United Kingdom seemed to be fully embracing the benefits of social media marketing.

A new research poll out this week shows that when it comes to social media marketing businesses in the UK are still surging forward. polled more than 1,200 UK-based companies in their Small Business Survey 2012 and found that more than 90% of these companies currently use social media to market their products to customers. Last year at this time the number was closer to 60%, still strong, but obviously not strong enough for businesses there.

With more than 90% of businesses embracing social media it might seem the market is saturated, however, because of the nature of social media (in that it is constantly evolving, changing, upgrading and developing) there is always room for more.

For instance, as of their latest poll, more than 70% of these businesses said they use Facebook, and 60% use Twitter. This makes sense given that these two sites alone now reach more than one billion people of decidedly different demographics.

However, as we have seen from the recent growth of Pinterest, we're only just getting started when it comes to social media. Sure, Facebook dominates today, but who will dominate tomorrow?

My belief is this: It's not the social media tools you use that matters, but the understanding you gain about relationship marketing that really makes a difference. By embracing social media marketing businesses in the UK are gaining the upper hand on businesses around the globe because they are mastering a trend--a trend toward more personal engagement with customers, better communication and faster response times.

In this way, if the tools they need to use change next year--Facebook folds, or Twitter collapses--they stand the best chance of adapting to the new tools faster than their counterparts who have eschewed social media altogether, or just don't "get it."

If I were a social media marketer looking for clients I would be looking across the Atlantic and going where they understand the value of the skills I possess.

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