Thursday, March 15, 2012

Don't Give Up On Google+

Let me be clear: I am not a fan of Google+. Given the variety of social media sites available today, Google+ simply does not deliver when it comes to interaction with others.

As a social media manager, however, I encourage every client to create a Google+ Business Page as a matter of course. I always make clear to my clients that they should not anticipate much, if any, interaction from their G+ page, but that does not mean they shouldn't have one. In fact, I think now is the perfect time to create a Google+ page, before the site grows huge, which is what I anticipate will happen, eventually.

I have written before that I am firmly convinced that Google+, while not the wildly successful social media site everyone thought it would be, is not going away any time soon. Google has made it quite clear they are pleased with the success they have seen thus far (much more than they received from Google Wave or Google Buzz) and are committed to making it even better by wrapping it around their entire suite of offers. In fact, as time passes Google is likely to continue to improve, integrate and enhance its fledgling social media network.

Thus I have come to the conclusion that eventually (likely later, rather than sooner) Google+ will indeed become the social media network many hoped it would be. If you can get a foothold in the site now, you'll stand a much better chance of being at the forefront when it does finally take off.

But be warned, your efforts on Google+ today are not likely to produce many, if any, positive results today, so don't go thinking it will. And don't start promising your clients positive results either. As it stands now I don't charge my clients for the Google+ work I do for them simply because it tends to not produce measurable results. When Google+ starts to produce something measurable I will re-assess my pricing accordingly. Until then, however, it's just a place holder.

What about you: How is Google+ working for you or your clients?

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Rebecca Enzor said...

I have much more interaction on G+ than on any other social media site. I had to search out people who interacted, and I have to make an effort every day to interact myself, but I love the community over there. Granted, I'm not a huge business by any means, so I only have the personal page, but I love the fact that you can write as much text as you want, can add photos, and the stream doesn't move so fast that it all gets lost like Twitter. It's great for starting conversations.