Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lawyers Perspective On Social Media Marketing

I happened across a fantastic blog post this morning from Minnesota Lawyer talking about the ways some in the legal professional have leveraged the power of social media marketing to gain new clients.

I thought this post was great for two reasons: First, it shows quite clearly that some in the legal profession are indeed having success using social media marketing. And second, it also shows that using social media is not a recipe for disaster when it comes to legal professionals.

To be fair, the post only spotlights the use of social media by what they call "solo attorneys", so it would be difficult to gauge the impact on law firms, however they use data collected in 2011 from the American Bar Association

The post goes on to interview several social media experts who point to the ways legal professionals can use and are using social media marketing effectively. This is great news for those in the legal profession who have pointed to the risk to current clients if they Tweet or update a Fan Page, as a reason to avoid social media marketing.

That argument always rang false with me anyway. No one in their right mind is going to post sensitive or protected information unless they are out of their mind, in which case the client would actually benefit because this would be a sure sign of just how ignorant they are.

Do I sense a sea change when it comes to the use of social media marketing within the legal profession? No. Am I seeing some individuals making in-roads and putting the world's most powerful communication tool to good use? Yes.

There are lessons here to be learned by anyone using or thinking about using social media to market their service, product or brand. It demonstrates quite clearly that social media is a tool, and if it is used wisely it is a very beneficial tool. However, like any tool, in the wrong hands, or used in the wrong way, it can cause damage.

Proper social media management then makes all the difference in the world.


Maia Dobson said...

I think law practitioners should use social media only on limited parameters. As a Los Angeles social media expert, I see nothing wrong with using social media platforms in marketing their profession for as long as they don't publicize information that are sensitive or under jurisdiction.

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