Friday, April 6, 2012

Pinterest Rising To The Top (But For How Long?)

A new Experian Marketing Services report out today shows that Pinterest is the third most visited site on the web. It is surpassed in visits by only Facebook and Twitter, and handily beats LinkedIn and Google+.

What I find interesting about the Pinterest interest (I couldn't resist) is how self-fulfilling it all is. First, the site struck a chord with users who were becoming more adept at sharing the nifty little pictures they found laying about the Internet. They had already been sharing them on Facebook and Twitter, so when Pinterest came along and offered them an entire site devoted to pinning and sharing, it was a natural fit for what was already going on.

Then marketers started to take notice. Suddenly they were not only setting up their own Pin Boards but also encouraging everyone they knew (fellow marketers, clients, potential clients) to do the same thing. No doubt this had at least something to do with their sudden rise in usage.

So, now that we're all on Pinterest, what's next? What exactly are we all going to do once we've shared all our pictures and looked at everyone else's pictures? How does Pinterest intend to hold on to all the attention it has received? If they stray too far to the left or right, expanding their social media nature, then they begin to encroach on territory already well mastered by the current social media behemoths, Twitter and Facebook. If they do not innovate then it seems certain that eventually, once everyone has had their fill of the "next big thing" they will move on to the next, next big thing.

I don't have an answer for the problem Pinterest is facing, and I can't say with any degree of certainty when that migration away from them will occur, but I do know it's coming.

What do you think?


Erin O'Brien said...

The thing is - we'll never be done sharing or pinning... there is always fresh content on the web, from photos to helpful diagrams to video. I think Pinterest has done a good job at providing a place where there's interaction, w/ integrating the use of addressing other users (@) and hashtags. I think they're moving into the direction of allowing business to set up profile pages... But as I've noted previously, I don't think Pinterest is going anywhere... at least not until a better Pinterest comes along.

Nice article! I enjoyed reading it.

Jerry Battiste said...

I can't help but wonder if Facebook bought Instagram to create a service similar to Pinterest.
Just a suspicion, but it would be an easy fit.