Friday, April 20, 2012

Social Media Success Requires Agility

If you want to find social media success you better be agile enough to take advantage of every new twist and turn in the market.

 Social media moves at the speed of 'click.' That means any second now a new trend could develop that your business needs to take advantage of.

Will your business fail if you don't immediately take full advantage of these new trends? No. But then again, it will not reap the full benefit of social media marketing either. The question you are likely asking yourself is how to become more agile and/or what exactly am I talking about. Fair enough.

First, let's talk about the what. Trends in social media are not difficult to spot, if you are properly monitoring your social media network. They might be a new 'meme' like the one which developed in the aftermath of the new Google+ 'white spaces' debacle. It might mean joining the conversation about a new awful viral video, like the 'Hot Girls.' Or it might mean simply being ready to respond to questions, comments or concerns being posted on your own network. Whatever it is, it will happen fast, and your network administrator is not agile enough to keep up with them, you will miss these gold opportunities.

Now, let's talk about the how. How you stay abreast of what is happening on the Social Web is by participating in the social web. This may or may not be possible for you if you are running your business AND managing your social media network. That's why I recommend outsourcing your social media management. You have a social media marketing campaign, or at least a social media network because you recognize how effective it can be at promoting your product, service or brand. You are already aware of what a powerful tool it is. With this in mind you need to sit down and calculate what you think this network is worth to you. Not only what it is worth right now, but it might be worth to you in a month, a year, etc. That will help you set a benchmark for what you can reasonably pay someone to manage that network.

Social media managers make it their job to monitor social media trends, stay up to date with the latest technology; innovate and update your network so you can capture the widest possible audience for your brand. That's their job. When they do their job correctly you can better do your job and the whole system works flawlessly, producing measurable results and taking full advantage of new opportunity that comes across the Social Web.

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