Tuesday, May 8, 2012

'Girls': Social Media Failure In Progress

Quick--unlike most social media failures which happen in the blink of an eye and only bear scrutiny once they have passed, there is an ongoing social media failure you can watch unfold while it is happening.

Specifically, I am talking about the new HBO show 'Girls.' Based on the supposed real lives of 20-something girls living in New York City, it features a main character who tweets constantly about the state of her life, while the show is going on.

Unfortunately for HBO, and despite the fact the power of social media in creating entertainment powerhouses has been well proven, the character only Tweets on the show--there is no real-world social media connection. Her Twitter is not only fictionalized, it is non-existent.

This is a social media fail of the highest order and it is going on right now. Don't believe me? Are you thinking that surely someone at HBO would have thought it a good idea (if not necessary) for the main character's Twitter account to actually exist? So do I, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

There is an active Twitter account for @HannahHorvath_ (the main character) but it clearly is not affiliated with the HBO show or with the character-it just ReTweets stuff from the show. In the meantime, there is no active Twitter account for the 'real' Hannah Horvath-except on television.

Personally, I am shocked at the shortsightedness of HBO and whomever is in charge of marketing at the network. When you consider the very small amount of work required to take advantage of the marketing potential connected with this show, it seems totally irresponsible to not have taken action. The possibilities for promotion are nearly endless. Not to mention the growth of this fictionalized network of social media savvy individuals.

The good news is that once again, someone else's social media failure can be your success.  Here is a classic example of failure to capitalize on the power of social media, committed by a company that has seemingly been in business long enough to know better. Even if they didn't realize the connection before the show went into production, surely someone saw the connection between a character who Tweets and the real world tool called Twitter-and recognized there was marketing potential in that connection.

The connections are there for your business as well. All you need to do is take advantage of them.

It doesn't take a genius to figure this out. Then again, perhaps it does and I am simply giving myself enough credit...

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Anonymous said...

As a marketer, I can't disagree. But as a fan of the show I don't feel cheated that someone at HBO pretending to be the real @hannahhorvath would be the real person behind her fictional grumblings.