Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Social Media Management Sucks!

Managing multiple social media accounts is drudgery. Boring is too nice of a word. "Sucks", is more like it.

There is a point where posting status updates, Tweets, checking Groups,  and interacting with hundreds of strangers about your company, product or services ceases to be exciting and starts to be, well, a job. And like any job there are moments when it is tough. Beyond tough. Exhausting.

You need to be "always on" and have a positive mental attitude 24/7. You must be in a constant state of readiness; prepared to answer questions, resolve problems and spread your specific message.

There are a multitude of sites to manage, many of which simply refuse to play nice together (Twitter vs. Tweetadder, Hootsuite vs. Google+) and all the different log-ins to keep track of. Plus, the conversations on each of these sites will vary greater, as will the methods for interaction. Each site is designed to keep users there for as long as possible, so don't expect to just drop by for a second to see what's happening. You'll need real engagement if you expect social media to be an effective tool.

And in between all of this social media management you likely have an actual business to run--even if your business IS social media management. There are clients to communicate with, new clients to attract; proposals to be written, content or services or products to be provided, sites to be managed. It's a never ending story of work, work, work.

Look, if effective social media management were easy I'd be out of a job, so I'm glad it's difficult. But just because it's difficult doesn't mean it isn't worth doing. And anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time. That means educating yourself about what works best and what doesn't work at all; listening to those who have gone before you and heeding their advice; learning from the mistakes of others and your own mistakes and attempting not to repeat them.

Social media marketing can be the most effective marketing tool for your business but only if you know what you are doing. If you don't know what you are doing (or just THINK you know what you are doing) stop, go out and find yourself someone who does. The time, energy and money you save yourself in the long run will be well worth what you invest in effective social media management in the beginning.


Anonymous said...

I want to know how you keep your multiple accounts organized. Do you have a scheduled cycle that you go through for updates, responses, etc? What tools do you use? (I am very new to this, trying to learn and already feeling overwhelmed)

Jerry Battiste said...

Hi Anonymous! Thanks for commenting. First, you might want to check out my book: "The ABC's of Social Media Management":

It's a handbook for people just starting out in social media management.

You are right: SMM can be very overwhelming. I use a number of different tools to help me keep everything straight, but I have two favorites: a small notebook and Hootsuite. The notebook I use to store passwords and pertinent info about each account and Hootsuite for scheduling. With those two simple tools I am able to keep track of all my accounts, my client's accounts and everything I have going on.

Try that first. If you're still having trouble check back with me and we can walk through your problems until we get them sorted!