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Hello and Welcome to Social Media Maven!

We are a social media news aggregation service. Every day, through our Twitter feed, our Facebook Page and our Blog, we strive to bring you links to the most relevant and current social media industry news.

Let's face it: Social media is the greatest mass communication tool ever created. It far surpasses the impact of even the printing press because it makes knowledge instantaneously available to the widest possible audience.

However, because social media exists in the virtual world it is constantly changing. Every day brings new methods for utilizing social media to communicate; market products, services and brands and new tools to do things you had never conceived of doing through social media before.

Trying to keep up with the social media industry is a full time job. We here at Social Media Maven are trying to make that job a little easier for you.

So, join us on Twitter for hourly news updates. On Facebook you can share your own social media marketing success stories or post photos of excellent examples of social media marketing integration into traditional marketing programs. You can also post your social media marketing questions and we will do our best to find you an answer right away.

-Jerry Battiste and Nicola Khatib