At Social Media Maven we pride ourselves in providing social media marketing solutions for small business.

We understand that as a small business owner you have limited resources to devote to marketing expenses. That's why we devise plans which are reasonable, manageable and designed to work with the resources you have available.

If you are interested in seeing how social media marketing can help your business grow, expand and reach new markets and new potential revenue sources, start with our $5 Social Media Marketing Plan.

If you already have a social media marketing network but don't know how well it is working for you, we can help you with that, too. Check out our $5 Social Media Marketing Review. We will examine your existing social media marketing network and make suggestions, based on your available resources, for making improvements and getting the specific results you are looking for.

Finally, when it comes to managing your social media network, Social Media Maven has you covered. We provide services specially tailored for small business. Whether it is building and managing a Facebook Page or Twitter account; establishing a blog, setting up LinkedIn accounts or groups; getting you started on YouTube or even motivating and training your employees, Social Media Maven can help.

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